Welcome to Shirena Logbook!

Shirena is our yacht. The name comes from the combination of the names of our mothers: Shirley and Irena. We hope to use this web site as an information board for our family and friends. If you do not know us then it may not be of interest to you.

Present page describes the present year experiences and it is updated whenever we find time for it.

Previous seasons logs are in the relevant pages. 

Photos:  this is  an external website hosting photo albums. Albums are usually  organized by dates -
last update 23 August 2012.

In The Yacht part we write about Shirena. We also put there our experiences with various add-ons and modifications we made to the boat. 

We would like you to leave a comment in our Guestbook .

Each page has an individual update date. The Home page has the latest update date of the whole site.

We can update this site when we have full Internet access. This may sometimes take a month. 
Zbyszek and Tina


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